t-Boc-N-Amido-PEG1-amine CAS#127828 -22-2


t-Boc-N-Amido-PEG1-amine bears an amino group and Boc-protected amino group. The amino group readily react with carboxylic acids and activated esters to form amide bond. It can also react with carbonyl groups such as ketone and aldehyde under reductive amination condition to form C-N bond. The Boc group can be deprotected under mild acidic conditions to form the free amine, which can then undergo a second amide coupling. The PEG spacer increases the aqueous solubility of the resulting compound.

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Section I. Identification of the substance

Product Name: BocNH-PEG1 -CH2CH2NH2
Catalog number: AP-10370
Supplier: AxisPharm, 9823 Pacific Heights Blvd , Suite F , Sa n Diego , CA 92121
Tel: 1-858-677 -9432 , Email: sales@axispha rm.com

Section II. Hazards identi fication

Classification – Not cl assifi e d as a ha za r d

Section III. Composition and in forma tion on ingred ients.

Name: BocNH-PEG1 -CH2CH2NH2
Formu la: C9H20N2O3
MW: 204.27
CAS: 127828 -22-2

Section IV. First aid measures

1. Skin contact: Immediately was h skin with copious amounts of wate r fo r at least 15
minutes while removing contaminated clothing a nd shoes. If
irritat ion persists, seek medical attent ion.
2. Eye contact : Immediately was h skin with copious amounts of water for at least 15
minutes. Assure adequate flushing of the eyes by separating the eyelids
with f ingers. If irri tation persists, seek medical attention.
3. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. In severe cases or if symptoms persist, seek
medical atte ntion.
4. Ingestion: Washou tmouthwithcopiousamountsofwaterforatleast15minutes.Seek
medical atte ntion.

Section V. Firefigh ting measures

In the eve nt of a fire involving this material , alone or in combination with other mate rials, use dry
powde r or carbon dioxide extinguis hers. Protective clothing a nd self-containe d breathing
apparatus should be wo rn.

Section VI. Accidental release measures

Persona l precautions : Wear suitable personal protective equipme nt whic h performs satisfactorily
and meets local/state/nat ional standa rds.
Respirato ry precaution: Wear approved mask/respirato r
Ha nd precaution: Wear suitable gloves/gauntlets
Skin protection: Wear suitable protective clothing
Eye protection: Wear suitable eye protection
Methods for cleaning up: Mix with sand or similar ine rt absorbe nt material , sweep up and
keep in a tight ly closed container fo r disposal. See section 12.
Environmental precaut ions: Do no t allow mate rial to ente r drains or water courses.

Section VII. Handling and storage

Handling: T his product shou ld be ha ndled only by, or unde r the close supervision of, those
properly quali fied in the ha ndling a nd use of potentially haza rdous chemicals, who
should take into account the fi re, health a nd chemical ha zard data give n on this

Section VIII. Exposure Contro ls / PPE

Engineering Controls: Use only in a chemical fume hood.
Personal protective equipment: Wear chemical-resista nt gloves, safety goggles.
General hygiene measures: Wash tho roughly after ha ndling. Was h contaminated clothing
before reuse.

Section IX. Physical and chemical properties

Appearance : liquid
Odor: No data
Boilingpoint: No data
Melting point : No data
Flash point: No data
Density: No data
Mole cular formula: C9H20N2O3
Mole cular weight: 204.27

Section X. Stabil ity and reactiv ity

Conditions to avoid: Heat , flames and sparks.
Materials to avoid: Oxidizing age nts.
Possible hazardous combustion products: No data available.

Section XI. Toxicological informa tion

No data

Section XII. Ecological information

No data

Section XIII. Disposal consideration

Arra nge disposal as special waste, by licensed disposal compa ny, i n consultation with local
waste disposal authori ty, in accorda nce wi th nat ional and re gional re gulations.

Section XIV. Transporta tion in forma tion

Non-haza rdous for air a nd ground tra nsportat ion.

Section XV. Regulatory informat ion

Indication of Danger: No data.
Risk Statement: No data.
Safety Statement: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with ple nty of wate r and seek
medical advice. Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.

Section XVI. Other in forma tion

This SDS is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief at the date of its publication but
does not purpor t to be all inclusive and sha ll be used only as a guide. AxisPha rm shal l no t
be held liable for a ny loss, injury or dama ge whic h may result from its use. This product is
for research a nd developme nt use only.