ald-benzoylamide-PEG3-CH2 NHS ester


The benzaldehyde group readily reacts with primary amines, aminooxy and hydrazide to form a reversible oxime or hydrazone linkage.

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Section I. Identification of the subs tance

Product Name: ald-benzoylamide-PEG3-CH2 NHS ester
Catalog number: AP-10066
Supplier: AxisPharm, 9823Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite F , San D iego, CA 92121
Tel: 1 -858-677-9432, Email:

Section II. Hazards identification

Classification – No t class ifieda sahaz ard

Section III. Composition and informat ion on ingredients.

Name: ald-benzoylamide-PEG3 -CH2 NHS ester
Fo rmu la : C20H24N2O 9
MW: 436.41

Section IV. First aid measures

1. Skincontact:Immediately
washskinwithcopiou samountsofwaterforatlea st15
persists, seek medicalattention.
2. Eye contact: Immedia tely wash skin with copiou s amounts of water for at least 15
minutes. Assureadequateflushingoftheeyesbyseparatingtheeyelidswith
fingers. If irritation persists, seek medicalattention.
3. Inhalation: Removetofreshair.Insevereca sesor ifsymptomspersist,seekmedical
4. Ingestion: Washoutmouthwithcopiou samountsofwaterforatleast15minutes.Seek
medicala ttention.

Section V. Firefighting measures

In the event of a fire involving this material, alone or in combination with other materials, use dry
powder or carbon dioxide extinguishers. Protective clothing and self -contained breathing
apparatu s should be worn.

Section VI. Accidental release measures

Personal precautions: Wear suitable personal protective equipment which performs satisfactorily
and meets local/state/national standards.
Respiratory precaution: Wear approved ma sk/respirator
Hand precaution: Wear suitable gloves/gauntlets
Skin protection: Wear suitable protective clothing
Eye protection: Wear suitable eye protection
Methods for cleaning up:Mix with sand or similar inert absorbent material, sweep up and
keep in a tightly closed container for disposal. See section 12.
Environmental precautions: Do not allow ma ter ial to enter drains or water courses.

Section VII. Handling and s torage

Handling: This product should be handled only by, or under the close supervision of, those
properly qualified in the handling and use of potentially hazardou s chemicals, who
should take into account the fire, health and chemical hazard data given on this

Section VIII. Exposure Controls / PPE

Engineering Controls: Use only in a chemical fume hood.
Personal protective equipment: Wear chemical -resistant gloves, sa fety goggles.
General hygiene measures: Wash thoroughly a fter handling. Wa sh contaminated clothing
beforereu se.

Section IX.Physicalandchemicalproperties

liquidOdor: No data
Boilingpoint: Noda ta
Melting point: No data
Flash point: No data
Density: No data
Molecular formula: C20H 24N2O9
Molecular weight: 436.41

Section X. Stability and reactivity

Conditions to avoid: Heat, flames and spark s.
Materials to avoid: Oxidizing agents.
Possible hazardous combustion products: No data available.

Section XI. Toxicological information

No data

Section XII. Ecological information

No data

Section XIII. Disposal cons iderat ion

Arrange disposal a s special wa ste, by licensed disposal company, i n consultation with local
wa ste disposal authority, in accordance with na tional and regional regulations.

Section XIV. Transportation informat ion

Non-hazardou s for air and ground transportation.

Section XV. Regulatory information

Indication of Danger: No data.
Risk Statement: No data.
Safety Statement: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immedia tely with plenty of wat er and seek
medical advice. Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.

Section XVI. Other information

This MSDS is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief a t the date of its publication
but does not purport to be all inclu sive and shall be used only as a guide. AxisPharm shall
not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage which may result from its use. This
product is for research and development u se only.